CAREER PATH From 1990, Anne Clabaux decided to dedicate herself to her passion: painting, which has since then become a full time activity. She left the region of Paris 15 years ago to settle for good in Normandy where she lives now: in the middle of horses. She studied at the school of fine arts of Versailles and then at the one of Caen. She had the opportunity to meet great painters like J.M Zacchi, Claude Fauchère and E. Bari. All of this has encouraged and influenced her work and explains her determination. Over her trips and journeys, she portrays life, the motion in the street, at the corner of a terrace; all of these moments of the everyday life, stolen and shared with strangers, where anybody can recognize oneself, can sense feelings, and give free rein to one’s imagination.
Painter of life and motion   “To Develop the intimate and spontaneous pleasure with the subject matters much more than a simple description of reality”  André Ruellan - art critic
WORK Her work does not reflect any school or fashion, but reflects a personality, a personality that respects art but that is also driven by a desirable enthusiasm to create. Color is the basis of her works built around a wide range of colors and contrasts. “I use my pencils, brushes to write a story, the one of life, motion, the one that speaks to me. I use the shapes, the colors, the opaques, the brightnesses, the transparencies, the shades to find the writing I think is appropriate, the one that suits me. I arrange my painting like a music sheet in which notes come one after another, match each other, resonate. My colors balance then little by little and allow me, in a passionate gestural, to create harmonious connections still driven by this envy to share my creations with others and give them a meaning”. Anne Clabaux
& PRIZES •	Prize Cavadeos, handed over by the magazine L’ Eperon at the horse show of Villepinte (FR), December 2011 •	Award at the book show of Colmar (FR) •	Silver medal, art show Arts inter in Lyon (FR) •	Gold medal in Chambéry (FR) •	Silver medal at the European academy of Paris (FR)  EXHIBITIONS  •	Horse and art show of Saumur, Loire Valley (FR) •	Art and stud farms, touring exhibition in national stud farms, 2011-2012 •	GMAC Bastille 2013, market of contemporary art in Paris (FR) •	Racecourse of Deauville, Normandy (FR) •	City hall of Caen, Normandy (FR) •	House of the radio, Paris (FR) •	Exhibition of French artists at the Grand Palais, Paris (FR) •	Museum of Tianjin (China) •	K Gallery in Brussels (Belgium) •	Museum of La tour Carrée, Ste Maxime, French Riviera •	Wash house Vasserot (Saint Tropez, France) •	Sedgwick Gallery - (Atlanta - Etats-Unis) •	BEI Luxembourg
Artiste peintre
Saint Tropez (83) -  septembre 2017 Eglise St Pierre de Touques (14) - Avril 2018 Bienneale de Thann (68) - Avril 2018 Magne - Juillet 2018
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Invité d’honneur Salle du Parc - Carteret (50) - 10 au 20 Août 2018 Lavoir Vesserot - Saint Tropez (83) - 30 août au 6 septembre 2018 BEI Luxembourg - 1 au 19 octobre 2018
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